Payment Terms and Conditions for General Art courses

Terms of payment for course fees at the Reykjavík School of Visual Arts

  1. To use the Recreation Card, the grant must be allocated to the school, before the online registration is completed (by selecting the button next to the grant at the bottom of the registration form). The City of Reykjavík does not allow changes to the allocation of the grant once it has been committed to affiliates of the Recreation Card. As a result, the school cannot make any changes to the payment method in cases where a Recreation Card has been used.
  2. Course fees will be charged in full even if a registered participant stops attending the course unless a notification to that effect has been received by the school´s office via e-mail to, no later than 48 hours before the course begins. The school reserves the right to collect 10% of the course fee due to administration if the student cancels participation.
  3. If you wish to distribute the course fee into several payments, Inkasso handles the collection of claims on behalf of the school. To arrange for payment distributions, contact Inkasso at the email address or phone 520 4040.
  4. If the minimum participation is not reached and the course is canceled, the school will refund the course fees in full.

The school will contact the applicant to confirm the status of the registration before the start of the course. For more information contact the school's office by phone 551 1990 or via e-mail at