The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts is an entity of Erasmus, the European Union's education program 2021-2027. It receives accreditation for its elaborate plan for European cooperation and study and training projects as part of its future strategy. Erasmus recognises organisations with promising results in learning and training projects and awards them certificates of Excellence, valid for three years.

The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts is a member of the study and training part of Erasmus, both within vocational education and at pre-school, primary and secondary school levels.

The membership enables the school to apply for study and training Erasmus grants for its students, newly graduated students and staff.

In addition, the school is consistently making plans for the scope of international cooperation for the long term and presenting opportunities in learning and training for students and teachers.

The school's Erasmus Project Manager handles communication with Erasmus+ in Iceland and assists students in applying for scholarships for internships abroad. The school also encourages teachers and staff to pursue retraining in Europe through Erasmus+.