Open Art Courses for Adults

The school offers a variety of courses for adults in drawing, life classes with a model, colour theory, oil and acrylic painting, watercolour painting, illustration and comic art, ceramics, textiles, photography and computer courses. These courses are evaluated at a secondary education level and are open for any one over the age of sixteen. No prior study is required but students are advised to start with a drawing course as the basis for all further studies in art and design. With satisfactory completion of a course, 80% minimum attendance, students are awarded credits and grades.

The school also offers several studio courses for people who wish to work independently on their art with guidance from professional artists. One such course is provided for artists with intellectual disabilities.

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Open art courses are open to everyone but to ensure an enjoyable experience at the school, the enrolment of non-Icelandic speaking students to a specific course requires consultation with the teacher of the course. Please ask for further information at the office,