The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts

The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts is a non-profit organisation, operated by artists and designers. The school has accreditation of the Directorate of Education as a private secondary school teaching study courses with completion at 3rd and 4th level according to the Icelandic Qualification Framework in Education (equivalent to 4th and 5th level according to the European Framework).

An annual service contract is signed with the Reykjavík City´s Department of Education and Youth, providing for extracurricular professional art education for pupils from preschool to lower secondary school age.

Each term there are around 130 students enrolled in the day-school and approximately 600 students doing single courses. The school has cooperated with many Icelandic cultural institutions, among them various museums, schools and libraries, education centres and associations. An atmosphere of flow and an exchange of ideas between different school levels is encouraged and works by students in different age groups are continually on show in the school building.