Quality Assurance policies

1. Students assess teaching methods and study materials. Electronic evaluation takes place at the end of each course. Students get an email with a survey to answer. The results are reviewed by the head of each department and are made available to the teacher. If the results of a survey give reason for reconsideration of methods or materials, a meeting is held with the teacher and subsequently a revised plan is presented.

2. Evaluation of other services and activities such as management, counseling, library usage, computer science and technical equipment. The assessment takes place both formally in a network survey and in an informal manner at the annual school meeting of students, teachers, staff and director.

3. Information on further education or careers of students a year after graduation from the school. The survey is conducted in various ways, with conversations with former students, by e-mail or by other means.

4. Evaluation by an external visual artist or designer of the school’s curriculum and its students’ achievements. An external examiner reviews the final projects of full-time students. At the end of the review, an assessment is conducted with the relevant examiner about student performance, which factors in the work are in good standing and how and where improvements could be made.