Maya Takahashi

Maya Takahashi


The ocean is so energetic and has its best when it reflects the sunset. Glaciers could be looked sad, but they represent all the beginning of this splendid earth and always contain green deep inside. People see each other at neighbour grocery store and swimming pool. Iceland is such a small country, but full of power, connection and kindness inside.

These four series of pictures present my impression of nature and people’s life, here in Iceland. I used Linocut printing method which is derived from wood cut printing. Wood cut printing pushed Japanese art to the world level more than 100 years ago

in the name of ukiyoe, which has mostly focused on people’s daily life and the nature. Therefore, to use this method is to connect my Japanese origin and Iceland that I am living in now. There are always beautiful colours around. To find them and have impressions for them makes our life much brighter and richer.

Efni: Linocut on Japanese washi paper, 46x61cm.

Maya 1
Maya 2
Maya 3
Maya 4
Maya 5
Maya 6
Maya 7
Maya 8